Benefits consolidating servers

In the past, the falling cost of hardware has encouraged businesses to simply buy a new server as the need arose.But after a few years they have become increasingly difficult and costly to maintain.IBM's argument for consolidating around the z Series is straightforward: Most enterprises already have at least one z Series machine, and though undoubtedly more expensive as an initial purchase, they provide far better results in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) over a lengthy period.Estimating the total cost of consolidating on the z Series, therefore, is a matter of some importance and demands that IT managers collect some important evidence.

The Oracle hardware architecture that you choose is all-about minimizing cost and risk.

Centralized data becomes useful when two or more servers need access to the same data.

This is commonly the case in high-availability systems, where redundancy and replication play a role, and in virtualized environments, where virtual servers are created frequently or automatically as systems scale (and need to access existing data).

There are a number of benefits that server consolidation can deliver to the small business owner.

First is that it makes it easier to scale operations up or down.

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