Debian vs rpm updating

This allows the user database to be much larger, and to be shared between multiple systems.The LDAP Server module can now be used to select which protocols slapd will accept, such as SSL and non-SSL. Contact us on our mailing-list ([email protected]) and we shall send you the required information.Long-time participation within Packman is associated with a certain investment of time on your side.Also re-factored the connection code so that all three LDAP modules respect all settings in Added support for LDAP and My SQL maps to the Postfix module.If the right Perl modules are installed, these can be edited like regular maps.The GIT repository for doxygen is hosted on Git Hub.

Also, many modules have been updated to allow servers to be configured to use IPv6, like Sendmail, SSHd and Squid.

Webmin users and groups can now be stored in a My SQL, Postgre SQL or LDAP database, instead of local files.

This includes all permissions, settings and module grants.

We do have a few scripts that ease the maintenance and updating of RPMs, but those won't take the real work away from you.

There are also a few rules and policies that must be followed when building RPMs.

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