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And now the life advice guru is sharing her thoughts on dating and relationships.During an interview with the Financial Times, the Facebook chief operating officer was asked what kind of people are best to date.In 1893, the FT first began printing on pink paper to distinguish it from its main rival, the Financial News.On January 4, 1993, the FT was printed on white papaer to celebrate 100 years "in the pink".

Online matchmaking has evolved from a niche service smacking vaguely of desperation to an increasingly effective, socially acceptable way to find a mate.

The key is to never be afraid to ask a person early on what they want out of a relationship.

"Ask the person if he is one of these 'good guys' ...

Coloured lights flash from the ceilings, workers lounge on circular banquettes, dance music plays from hidden speakers.

Despite being in a mid-rise office tower overlooking a turnpike in the dry, landlocked city of Dallas, Texas, the Match offices are evocative of a racier environment, where anything might happen.

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