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Hermaphrodism refered to having two or more sexual characteristics or biological functions combined.Unlike the androgynous, hermaphrodites had the capability of being male or female during a sexual process, or undergoing a functional transformation from one gender to another.The Tholians were a hermaphroditic species, in which individuals have both male and female characteristics.If a hermaphrodite animal (like slug, snail, etc) finds a partner they can mate immediately.Monogamy is also analogous to rare encounters but true monogamy is rare (1 partner for life).Worldbuilding Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for writers/artists using science, geography and culture to construct imaginary worlds and settings.' hermaphrodites can reproduce more easily, but other organisms invest more in their offspring and also often have a harder time getting around to mating. It is perhaps easiest to address the question by countering it and asking why dioecy (2 sex systems/2 gonochoric types e.g. As you have pointed out there are obvious advantages to being a hermaphroditic species such as more chance of mating - more likely to provide an advantage at very low population densities where interactions are infrequent.

Therefore at higher population densities, when mating opportunities are not rare, the gonochoric individuals will have a higher fitness because they have more energy.

In my society self-impregnation is outlawed taboo and hermaphrodites who want to have children must have a partner.

Many of these partnerships are analogous to human marriages and tend to last.

If another animal with "normal" reproduction (lets say a mouse) finds a partner they can only mate if they have the opposite gender.

So it seems logical that the hermaphrodite way of reproduction is more successful than the "normal" way. The group of fish known as hamlets en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamlet_(fish) are simultaneous haermaphrodites, like snails.

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