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Sharks have inhabited the oceans for hundreds of millions of years and were swimming in the sea while dinosaurs walked on land.

They are one of the most important organisms in ocean ecosystems because many types of sharks are at the top of the food chain and thus are keystone species, which means the ecosystem relies on the shark for balance.

John Adams, 63, from Lower Boxley Road in Maidstone contacted call centre staff to discuss the deal before assaulting his victim mid-conversation.

[finds a purple elephant in the diaper bag, holds it up to the baby] You know, elephants are not purple.

[waggles her fingers in front of the baby] Yeah, Booth thinks bones are dry and boring but... [The baby uncurls one fist in a little wave.]Clark: I shave, sir.

She shouted at him to leave her alone and alerted another person who was also in the house.

Adams then left but returned a short while later to retrieve his mobile phone.

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