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(However, State or local laws vary.) Q: Does sporterizing or re-chambering an antique end its exemption?

A: Sporterizing, re-barreling, or re-chambering an antique gun does not effect its legal status.

A: Although your State and local laws may vary, any firearm with a receiver actually made before Jan.

(For example, only low serial number Winchester Model 1894 lever actions are actually antique.) No FFL is required to buy or sell antiques across state lines-- they are in the same legal category as a muzzle-loading replica. 1, 1899 (other than a machinegun or other NFA category, such as a short-barreled gun) is NOT controlled in any way by Federal law.

Thus, I can legally sell folks Mauser sporters that have been converted to modern cartridges (like .308 Winchester!

), without having to go through the "FFL to FFL" hassle.

If you own a rifle subject to this recall, Remington will provide shipping, inspection, replacement of the trigger mechanism if necessary, and return at no cost to you.

DO NOT attempt to diagnose or repair your rifle yourself.

It utilized a recoil operated system incorporating a bronze friction piece and heavy recoil spring around the magazine tube.The Remington model 11 semi-auto shotgun was licensed by John Browning was introduced in 1905. The real early guns had a straight gripped buttstock. It was practically identical with the then current Browning Auto 5 and shared some parts interchangeability.The recoil spring around the magazine tube pushed against either one of 2, or a combination of the 2 steel friction or bronze friction rings that were driven rearward by the barrel lug at the front and inside of the forearm.Here by placing these friction pieces in different positions, the firearm could be modified so that ammo varying from light to heavy loads could be shot with reliability but not interchangeably.

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