Updating a server

The first step to updating CRM Server is to download the update files.

Microsoft adheres to a naming convention for each file in the download list for a specific update rollup.

If none of these apply, email [email protected] more specific advice.

In all cases, additional information can be found in the Installation & Setup Manual on the Mascot 2.6 program disk (manual.pdf).

Most update rollups require the automated stopping and starting of services during the course of the installation and a server reboot at the conclusion of the installation.

The update rollup that will be installed on all servers running a Full Server Deployment, or each server running the Front End and Back End server roles will be named CRM2011-Server-KB#######-ENU-amd64Since CRM 2011 Server does not support 32-bit platforms, there is no i386 version of this file.

To upgrade a cluster node running on Windows Server 2012 R2, see Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade In practice, the exact process will depend on factors such as the deployment topology of your availability groups and the commit mode of each replica.

But in the simplest scenario, a rolling upgrade is a multi-stage process that in its simplest form involves the following steps: If you have deployed an availability group only for disaster recovery, you may need to fail over the availability group to an asynchronous-commit secondary replica.

After you have registered the server in the Novell Customer Center, you can update the server by using commands at the command line.The installation routine itself is a simple wizard with no options to set or configure.At the conclusion of the update you are prompted to restart the server.Second: Make sure to update the clients and server at the same time.To update the license server: You’ll want to perform all the operations below running as an administrator!

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