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Saudi Arabia, which had already blocked features of most chat apps, has moved to block Facebook Messenger.

The app’s video and voice chat functions, along with similar service imo, now can’t be used in the country because of “regulations”.

In India, rapid urbanisation has led to increase in the number of people living in slums.

The slums are usually characterised by over crowding, lack of infrastructure and low levels of socio economic status.

He is in the process of being interviewed by 3 Indian intelligence agencies.

The arrest came about after Channel 4 linked the @Shamiwitness account to an e-mail address which was then used to set up a further Twitter handle, @El Saltador.

They sat clutching their mobiles phones — rugged models of Nokia, inexpensive feature phones and touchscreen Android phones of Indian brands.About twenty per cent of the city's population was estimated to be the slum population.During 1981-1990, slum population of Bangalore increased from 3.05 lakhs (10% of the total population) to 10.37 lakhs (20% of the total population).Similar apps including Tango and Line are still available in the country.The service had been banned because it failed to “comply with regulations”, an official told local news services.

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